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This Experience has left Boston. However you may still step into Heart Strings by UNICEF in our other locations.
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Heart Strings is an original experience that invites you to take part in UNICEF's impact by powering a universal song through interactive multimedia, lighting effects, and inspiring music. Promising to forge human connections, this multisensory journey shines a light on the world's children, transcending borders, cultures, and languages to create a deeply moving and engaging experience for all ages.

Kids under 18 recieve free admission, made possible with support from The 72 Fund.

Embark on a multisensory journey with UNICEF

Step into a multimedia environment where interactive features, mesmerizing lighting effects, and immersive soundscapes fuel a song amplifying the voices of children worldwide. Engage in emotional and educational activities to foster connections with child-centric causes supported by UNICEF.

Power a universal song with children worldwide

As you take part in this interactive journey, connect with children across the globe through the universal language of music and join a collective song that transcends cultural boundaries. Share your pulse to the song’s rhythm of the song, help compose its lyrics, and share your voice to its chorus. Each zone features important information on the issues and concerns children worldwide contend with on a daily basis. Get an intimate look at the lives and families of global youth!

Make a difference

Join a global community dedicated to supporting the lives of children everywhere. Learn how UNICEF works for every child, starting with the most vulnerable. And see how you, too, can make a positive impact on the world by taking action.

Heart Strings by UNICEF Reviews

Find out what people think about the experience

  • Marc S.

    "I really enjoyed it and I loved the creativity of the interactive activities."

  • John T.

    "I learned a lot about the reality of kids around the world."

  • Jenny F.

    “I sang and I love music. It was very creative!”

  • Monica J.

    “I enjoyed watching how much fun the girls were having interacting with that piece of the experience."

  • Cristina D.

    “The lights were fun. The interactivity with the voices was interesting and pleasant. The stories were inspiring.”

Our Last Tour Media Reviews

Check out the good vibes we left back in our last tour!

  • Houston Chronicle - Heart Strings in Boston | UNICEF Multi-sensory Journey

    Houston Chronicle

    “This interactive exhibit by UNICEF USA invites guests to explore eight zones covering health care, education, protection and respect. Additionally, attendees will have the opportunity to meet young advocates from the U.S. as well as other countries who are addressing critical issues such as climate change, girls' equity and education.”
  • Houston Press - Heart Strings in Boston | UNICEF Multi-sensory Journey

    Houston Press

    “Award-winning design firm Moment Factory has partnered with UNICEF USA to launch a unique ticketed experience designed for audiences of all ages. By presenting urgent human stories from around the world, the experience showcases the power of the youth voice, how UNICEF and partners amplify this voice, and how individual acts can support a global mission.”
  • Tour Scanner - Heart Strings in Boston | UNICEF Multi-sensory Journey

    Tour Scanner

    “Heart Strings” is not just an event; it’s a movement towards global empathy and action. By participating, you’re not only witnessing the transformative power of music but also contributing to a cause that reaches beyond borders to touch the lives of children in need.”


  • Welcome Area

    Welcome Area

    An introduction video shares stories of courage, adversity, and joy.

  • Heart Beats

    Heart Beats

    Start the song in an area where heartbeats merge to form a collective pulse. Share your own heartbeat and explore interactive displays featuring stories of children worldwide.

  • Living Lyrics

    Living Lyrics

    Step into the world of words and education as quotes from children come to life. Contribute to the song's lyrics by selecting dynamic words on an interactive screen.

  • Voices of Power

    Voices of Power

    Discover the power of youth voices as you join in a chorus of empowerment. Interactive 'megaphones' invite you to share your own voice, influencing a soundscape filled with music and messages that transcend borders.

  • Our Song

    Our Song

    In this interactive zone, all elements of the song come together to create a collective space. Celebrate through dance, guided by motion-sensor technology and interactive graphics.

  • Harmony Hall

    Harmony Hall

    A dynamic media wall elaborates on themes from the experience, offering a captivating reflection of unity. Vibrant visuals and compelling narratives amplify the message of compassion and collective action.

  • Take Action

    Take Action

    A space where participants are empowered to take a dedicated action. It's your chance to make a difference and amplify the impact of Heart Strings.


  1. Start date: May 17, 2024
  2. End date: June 2, 2024
  3. Duration: Approx. 45–60 minutes
  4. Location: Cyclorama, 539 Tremont St, Boston, MA 02116
  5. Age requirement: All ages are welcome. General Admission tickets include up to 4 free child tickets (17 and under)! Please select in the ticket selector
  6. Price: Ticket prices will start at $23

Heart Strings in Boston | UNICEF Multi-sensory Journey

Heart Strings by UNICEF - Boston Location

539 Tremont St, MA, Boston. 02116
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